The Trucker Shortage in the US & How DCN Can Help


Is your business having to deal with empty store shelves? Are your delivery times stretching out longer and longer due to limited drivers and port congestion? 

All of the above are happening across the United States. But what is the core problem? What does it mean for supply chains? How can we fix it? DCN dives into the major problem facing the trucking industry and how we can overcome it.


The US Trucker Shortage

Truckers are vital to our economy and supply chains all over the country. However, with the average demographics of truck drivers/couriers being men in their 40-50s, many are retiring or will be retiring soon. Many are also leaving the profession, joining what many are calling “the Great Resignation” since the pandemic. 

With many retiring right now or leaving the profession, businesses are seeing the supply chain crisis growing. Businesses all over the US are seeing empty store shelves, congestion at ports, overflowing warehouses with limited avenues. The new question has become- how can we prevent the trucker shortage from getting worse?


How to Fight the Trucker Shortage

As we discussed above, the trucker shortage is causing ripple effects throughout entire supply chains. Over 68% of all freight moves on United States highways. Relieving the hard-working truck drivers now could significantly improve supply chain delays and help our current drivers now. 

  • Increasing time spent at home: Many trucking companies are finding reports of drivers wanting to spend more time at home or off-road, finding more of a work-life balance. It doesn’t have to be just about time off. Companies can help their IC’s (independent contractors) be more localized, limiting the region they deliver to throughout the United States. 
  • Driver pay or incentives: Most carriers are increasing pay options, while also exploring comprehensive benefits and 401K packages to long-time drivers and IC’s. Increasing pay or incentives would mean improving the financial incentive to continue driving.
  • Invest in women and minorities: Bring in more women and minorities! Businesses and carrier companies should look into expanding the trucking industry to appeal more to female drivers and minorities throughout the country. This can help our overall economy and expand the trucking industry.
  • Change the process of CDL: Getting a CDL is a complex process, with age restrictions and more. CDL license reform is currently being considered by many organizations and states, but lowering the age restriction to eighteen is the top change. 

These are the main solutions offered throughout the trucking industry and the United States. While they would all improve trucker driver working conditions, they are not easy to implement. Luckily, there is a solution for businesses- and for truck drivers to improve their working environments. 


DCN Offers (A) Solution

Providing many of the above-proposed solutions can be difficult for business owners, and difficult to find for truck drivers or independent contractors. DCN can help. DCN functions as a firewall between businesses and independent contractors. We are a co-operative organization, and our members are owners. As owners, they get access to benefits packages, insurance, and more to our drivers and couriers. Our drivers and couriers can enjoy expansive benefits, including: 

  • Share & partial-ownership of DCN
  • Access to tax, retirement, life, and health benefit programs
  • Fuel discount program
  • Cargo insurance
  • Roadside assistance & claim management
  • Education and training opportunities

All of these benefits can help truck drivers gain the benefits they need and the support they want to continue in the industry. DCN is here to support our drivers and improve the supply chain problems resulting as part of the driver shortage. 

The trucker shortage is causing ripple effects across the United States. Independent contractors like truck drivers need support, benefits, and incentives to continue in an industry that can be difficult. Luckily, DCN is here to support both the businesses and the drivers. 

Looking for a solution to the trucker shortage for your company? DCN has a network of independent contractors, drivers, and couriers ready to partner with you. Contact us today to learn more about joining DCN. 

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