Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance

Flat tires, lockouts and jump starts happen that’s why DCN has partnered with Roadside Transportation LLC to offer nationwide emergency semi truck roadside assistance. Our members save $100 a year and get access to 24/7 benefits within the USA and Canada.

What Benefits are Included?

This list is meant to serve as an introduction, to read about all the more about each offering and what it details, please read the coverage guide.

Tractor & Tractor Towing

  • Up to 50 miles per disablement

Flat Tire Assistance

  • Up to $150 per occurrence

Tire Replacement Assistance

  • Up to $100 per disablement: Delivery of new or used tire upon request

Tire Repair Assistance

  • Up to $100 per occurrence

Mobile Mechanic Service

  • Up to $100 for service call

Emergency Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service

  • Up to $100 per occurrence

Emergency Diesel Fuel Delivery Service

  • Up to 30 gallons of fuel

Lockout/Replacement Key Services

  • Up to $100 per occurrence

Semi Truck Jump-Starts

  • Up to $150 per occurrence

Pull Start

  • Up to $100 per occurrence

Replacement Battery Delivery

  • Up to $100 service call

Replacement Part Delivery

  • Up to $100 per occurrence

Light Winching/Extricating Assistance

Discounted Hotel Stays

Engine Overhaul Financing

  • $500 coupon

Truck Financing

  • $500 coupon

Lease Buyout Financing

  • $500 coupon


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You can read about all the benefits in depth and learn what’s not included in our coverage guide. We also have of experts ready to help.

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