Why DCN Is A Broker’s Secret Weapon For Success


Transportation businesses have endless options when it comes to partnering with a broker. So, how can you set yourself apart from the competition? Finding the right partner. Here are three ways the DCN business model can improve your brokerage business.


Build Your Reputation

How can you put the right foot forward in regards to your reputation? The greatest differentiator is to consistently prove yourself as being an expert in your field. By establishing yourself as an expert in your field, you can become a voice in the industry and a trusted advisor to your clients. How can you get there? Focus on leveraging one key asset: industry knowledge. It’s important to not only arm yourself with knowledge about your industry but to understand the problems your clients in the transportation industry face regularly. 

 DCN can be your partner and guide to the ins and outs of the transportation industry. We are a member-owned cooperative that plays an essential role between our subscribing clients (transportation businesses) and our member-owners (drivers & independent contractors). We provide our members with access to essential benefits, such as healthcare, occupational accident insurance, retirement plans, and more. Further, our subscribing clients receive support in creating comprehensive solutions to problems that DCN has consistently seen impact transportation businesses for years.

 The biggest problem:  worker classification compliance. Misclassification is the practice of employers improperly classifying an employee as an independent contractor. Misclassifying employees can lead to fines, penalties, and in some states, threats of jail time.

 As the awareness of employee misclassification is on the rise, more and more states are passing targeted legislation to prevent it. Now is the time to introduce your clients to DCN’s business model and significantly increase their legal compliance and protection. This way, if any challenges arise, DCN will assume the role of primary defender against everything from workman’s comp to unemployment claims.

 As a broker, you are a trusted source of information. By understanding the issues your clients face and having a better solution like DCN, you become more valuable!


Set It and Forget It

Brokers only need to bring DCN a warm prospect, we’ll handle it from there! Our team of experts will educate your client on the benefits of our model. If your clients join the DCN network – you receive the majority of commissions year after year!


Get Your Foot In The Door

Generating new business can be a challenge. In a sea of professionals who offer similar services, a broker who knows how to market a greater solution to new businesses and existing businesses will set themselves apart from the competition.

 As a broker, you know how important standing out in the crowd can be. It can mean the difference between a successful partnership and a relationship that seems to be missing something. Partnering with DCN will help you provide top-notch service for your clients, build your reputation stronger than ever and make life in the industry better for all! Interested in becoming a DCN strategic partner? Contact us today!

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