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How To Join DCN

DCN is a cooperative servicing the transportation/logistics industries. The customers of DCN have contracted DCN to provide professional, responsible and insured individuals that provide delivery or trucking services as an independent contractor NOT employee. This individual will be required to provide a reliable vehicle that will accommodate the needs of the customer as well as be properly licensed to operate said vehicle. Depending on the customer, additional requirements may include references, reasonable experience and possibly background screening, drug testing and an approved motor vehicle report.

It is expected that candidates conduct the services desired in a professional business manner. In certain areas candidates may be required to register as a business and form a Corporation, LLC, DBA or obtain a Tax ID number. Banking relationships and tax reporting can remain the same. The candidate is required to be properly licensed or registered to conduct business as required by the candidate’s location.

Still interested?

Beginning the process: The process of DCN membership begins as a result of one of the following:

  • A current DCN customer has identified you as a perspective service provider and asked DCN to contact you. If this is the case you should have received an email with an invitation to join. Simply click the link provided and login with the username and password provided.
  • A current DCN customer provided you with a control number. Simply click one of the following link(s) Member Login  OR  Client Login and follow the instructions. Enter the control number when prompted. DCN uses this control number to direct the candidate to the appropriate enrollment materials.
  • Soon DCN will be providing entry portal allowing interested candidates the opportunity to reach out to existing DCN clients who may be searching for independent contractors in your area.