Trucker Benefits: Roadside Assistance, Health Insurance & More

The Distribution Cooperative Network partners with world class vendors to offer premium benefits to our independent contractors and transportation brokers. Get a brief overview of our current benefit umbrellas and learn more about each on their respective page.

Fuel Discount Program

Saving $0.50 per gallon on diesel is just the start. Our card which is accepted at 15,000+ locations, allows cash advances and ATM withdrawals. All monitored by an app or site, managers get ultimate control and can authorize emergency spending.

As a fuel discount member you also qualify for discounts at the shop and access to 24-7 legal representation. Even more, fuel discount members are offered special trainings, access to safety equipment and accounting services.

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Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance

When you are putting tens of thousands of miles on the road each year a flat tire, dead battery, or other mishaps are bound to pop-up from time to time. Be ready and get back on the road quickly with access to 24/7 roadside assistance. This covers the USA and Canada.

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Cargo Insurance

Delivering goods is the soul of the transportation business, but what happens when a contract is fraudulent or something breaks on the road? Having cargo insurance protects drivers and businesses from a variety of financial losses that occur as part of business dealings, whether intentionally or not.

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Health Insurance

Stride Health is the preferred benefits partner of DCN. Comparing thousands of health insurance plans, they work to get drivers the best healthcare coverage for their needs at the lowest price. Insurance is offered nationwide and it takes only 10 minutes to get a quote.

The three main areas are partnership covers are:


Plans start at $30 a month and are accepted at over 300,00 dental locations.

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Get access to 84,000 eye doctors and up to $120 a year for glasses or contacts while only paying $9.12 a month.

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Find a plan that’s right for you with coverage up to $3m.

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To reach Stride customer support please call: 1-415-930-9110.

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